Mindset For Success: Be A Farmer


I want to talk today about a mindset for success. Some of you may have heard about finding mentors and surrounding yourself with people smarter than you so you can learn from them. Once you do that, you have to trust in your mentors. They know more than you and can see things you cannot yet see. Failure to listen to them can be disastrous, as the next story will illustrate.

Subway did a study on the success of people who had bought and run Subway franchises and the results they found we’re startling. The study found that people who went to school for business would fail miserably, while farmers who had no background in business whatsoever were super-successful. How could that possibly be? How exactly did the farmers beat out the people with MBA’s? Let me explain.

The people with MBA’s have a lot of knowledge, so much so that when they took over a franchise they simply had too many of their own ideas they wanted to incorporate into the franchise. Meanwhile, the farmers succeeded because they didn’t have any ideas of their own, and followed the franchise plans exactly as they were laid out. The thing about a franchise is that, you’re buying it because it already works. You are buying something that has been proven over and over to work. Since the farmers didn’t know any better they had no choice but to follow the franchise plan… All the way to success. The MBA’s followed their own ideas into failure.

Since I’ve started my career in internet marketing, I’ve been guilty of being the MBA on at least two occasions. When I get advice from my mentors I need to remind myself to be a farmer and to follow the plan exactly as it is laid out for me. Once I know how it works, then, and only if I can make it work right should I try messing with it and see if it works.

~Matt Adams

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2 Responses to “Mindset For Success: Be A Farmer”

  1. Excellent analogy – love this one and really never thought of it this way – thanks for sharing. This is so true and I sure wish I had found my Mentor sooner as it sure does make a difference and saves you so much time.

    Skype: nancyradlinger

  2. Sandi says:

    Being a farmer this article caught my eye. Awesome analogy Matt!!

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